About Astor Beauty

About Astor Beauty


"Astor beauty" - a new brand of cosmetics from the Dead Sea. Cosmetic ka "Astor - beauty" is a natural, high-quality and relatively inexpensive makeup every day. In the production of cosmetics "Astor - beauty", only natural extracts which, in turn, produced using new technology that allows you to save all the useful natural ingredients in its entirety. With daily use of cosmetic tics "Astor - beauty," the result will be visible immediately. This cosmetics really work.

The surface of the Dead Sea is located at around 408 meters below sea level. This is the lowest place on land. The magical power of healing features of the Dead Sea and Aristotle knew, and King Herod and Cleopatra. Dead Sea water contains extremely high

 COMPARATIVE TABLE OF MAJOR Dead Sea minerals, midwinter SEA AND OCEANS                                                                                        

(milligrams / liter)

Composition Dead Sea Dead Sea Oceans
Soduim 34,9 12,50 10,50
Potassium 7,56 0,470 0,390
Calcium 15,8 0,470 0,400
Magnesium 42 1,490 1,350
Chlorine 208 1,490 19
Bromine 5,59 0,11 0,08


concentration of 26 different minerals - is potassium, sodium, magnesium, calcium, chlorine, bromine, ferrous sulfate, zinc, copper, magnesium, ammonium, fluoro, lithium, iodine, hydrogen phosphate, carbonate, silicon, strontium, and mineral water. Such a mixture of minerals does not exist any more in a sea or ocean.

Dead Sea minerals are part of the nourishing and moisturizing creams, different face masks, hand creams, tonics skin cleansing and hemostatic agents, gels and bath salts and showers, shampoos, sunscreens.

Among the most important minerals which characterize the Israeli cosmetics iodine, lithium, calcium, sodium, bromine, magnesium, potassium, strontium, sulfur.

Each of them has its significant properties. Thus, potassium helps maintain the water balance in the body, magnesium helps to maximally effective work muscular and nervous system, is considered a mineral that helps against stress. Iodine is closely associated with a variety of enzymes that help maintain normal body functions very different, sulfur is important for proteins, bromine promotes natural relaxation and relaxation. All cosmetics from Israel contains data elements that are selected in the right proportions, contribute to the rejuvenation and recovery. The healing properties of minerals Israeli cosmetics have been known for more than a century, and we have shown that their effect on the human body is much more effective than the use of other known means. In other words, buying or ordering tools, which is composed of minerals from the Dead Sea, you get a relatively inexpensive opportunity for transformation.